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Discover your dream holidays in the place where the River Mirna meets the ancient richness of water mills, and connects the land and the water in expectation of return. This is where the giants rest.

Tranquility, natural beauty and perfect accommodation in the centre of Istria, nearby the towns of Buzet, Roč, Hum, Sovinjak, Vrh, Motovun and only 25 minutes from the Adriatic sea, guaranty high quality vacations and relaxation from everyday throng and fast life.

Kotli was once the leading economic village of the Hum area – Humstina, with well-known millers and tailors. The water mill has been preserved to this day. Today Kotli is a protected rural complex with preserved courtyards, outer staircases, arched passages and picturesque chimneys. The River Mirna flows through the village forming waterfalls and hollowing cauldron-like forms in stone that gave the village its name (Croatian kotao).

In this cultural monument, on the Glagolitic lane, history glimmers even in the 21st century.


Where the name Kotli comes from? The people living in the area of Hum, Humstina, believe that the name originates from the fact that the river bed is full of holes that remind of cauldrons that were used for cooking on the fireplaces (in Croatian kotao). The river flows from one »cauldron« to other, over a tall rock, and into a natural pool called Slap.

The village has maintained its current appearance since the 18th century, or even earlier. There are approximately 15 houses still standing, which are bigger and prettier than the houses in nearby villages and hamlets. The conditions for such architecture partly lie in the stable income of well known and respected local craftsmen. The houses on the main street are evidence of better times, when there were a lot of people living in the village.

Kotli village history


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